The Diamond Jubilee Of Slovenian Spas Association


The Slovenian Spas Association has been for 60 years uniting 15 natural and thermal spas, acting under a common name “Slovenian Natural Spas”.

Intertwining natural remedies with scientific approach

The Slovenian Spas Association acts as a strategically and operationally oriented tourism marketing organization and implements in an effective way the business interests of their members and health tourism product in the Slovenian Spas as a whole. A modern, flexible and dynamic marketing organization represents the Slovenian Spas as a key partner in promoting their business interests in Slovenia and abroad.

The Slovenian natural spas dedicate special attention to new trends and programs to maintain and enhance health. They follow the new trends, which brought in the European tourism the philosophy of a healthy lifestyle and wellness. With intensive investments in tourism infrastructure on one hand and the program offer on the other, Slovenian natural spas, continue to strengthen its position in both the Slovenian and European tourist area. They also represent the strongest and most competitive tourism product in Slovenia, since one-third of all overnight stays in Slovenia is carried out in spas.

All health and spa resorts meet also the strict conditions required for obtaining the status of state-verified spas, allowing them the involvement in the public health network of Slovenia.

The Slovenian Spas Association is also the initiator of the SPA-CE trade show where the most important providers of spa and wellness services from European countries meet, exchange ideas and provide opportunities for new connections in the wider Central European Region.


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