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Medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” is the biggest Medical SPA in Baltic countries with 50 years of experience. Features like international recognition of its services and products, the possibility to accept people with a wide range of deceases, unique natural factors combined with modern technologies, and high repeat customer rate make it possible to provide services to more than 50 000 clients annually All treatment programs include:
  • Accommodation
  • Catering – 3 times per day
  • Physician's consultation
  • Therapeutic treatments (from 3 to 6 treatments per day according to a program)
Along with the main products of treatment programs, Medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” offers different possibilities to accept all kinds of events with an option to combine them with different treatments. egles sanatorija egles sanatorija logo
Bardejovske Kupele Our is one of the biggest Spas in Slovakia, located in the north – eastern part of Slovakia. Spa is a municipal part of historic medieval town Bardejov, which is on UNESCO World Heritage List. Thanks to our special healing mineral springs, clean air, geographic location, we have got a long history in providing spa treatments, accommodation and leisure activities for all kinds of clients. Our written records go back to the 13th century, many visitors of European royalty visited our spa, including Russian Tsar Alexander and Empress Elisabeth of Austria also known as Sisi. The capacity of our hotels is more than 1 200 beds, we have over 24 000 clients per year. We have got clients on longer curative stays with medical treatment, shorter relaxing and weekend stays, we organize different events such congresses, meetings, teambuilding activities, cultural events, etc. Our spa is located in beautiful park, which is ideal for tourists, bikers, there is opportunity to play tennis, squash or bowling. We have got indoor and outdoor swimming pools and wide range of spa treatments including massages, mineral bath and other wellness treatments. The top products of our Spa include curative spa stays. Our Spa is unique in having 8 healing mineral springs; each stay comprises spa treatments and a drinking cure (the amounts of healing mineral water and the types of springs are determined individually by a doctor based on the needs of a client).
  1. Stay “Good Health” (min. 6 nights) – includes doctor´s consultation, variety of spa treatments (including massages, inhalations, mineral bath, electro and heat therapy, physiotherapy), full board and free entrance to Wellness SPA swimming pools.
  2. Stay “Good Health after post-COVID” – designed specifically for clients with long-term post-COVID disorders. In addition to regular doctor´s consultations and spa treatments, unique methods, such as MLS laser therapy, oxygen therapy and memory training, are used to improve the health of a client.
  3. Stay “Relaxation” (a.k.a. “Weekend”) – suitable for all clients, who would like to relax and boost their energy. The most popular spa treatments, such as massages and mineral baths, are included, as well as unlimited wellness/swimming pools and saunas, welcome drink and full board (buffet style).
Blue Kotor Bay Premium Spa Resort in Kotor, Montenegro embodies the decades of long recognition and heritage as former institute for respiratory revitalization in a newly opened Wellbeing center Vrmac within the 5 star resort, already recognized amongst the best hotels worldwide. Embraced by the magical Boka Bay, Prcanj has the healing power of the sea and the wind. Moreover, it is is defined as the Oasis of Health. Health & Wellbeing Retreat De’MAR – Vrmac is specialized in the field of body detoxification, regeneration, and rejuvenation, and serves perfectly for respiratory rehabilitation used for post-covid rehabilitation, together with longevity & immunity boosting. The Retreat offers a selection of daily treatments for bone and tissue ache rehabilitation as well as beauty and antiaging treatments. The programs are carefully designed to get the body back to the overall enhancement of the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Vrmac Wellbeing center, unique offer in whole Adriatic region, is focused on helping people age happily in order to live a healthy life by enhancing their wellbeing and stamina through our treatments, with the goal of feeling good and rejuvenated physically, mentally and spiritually. Our Mission is to help you live without bones and tissue pain, to boost your immunity, to detoxify your body, and to regenerate and rejuvenate your respiratory functions. TOP 3  1. RESPIRATORY VITALITY TREATMENT By improving your respiratory capacity, you improve every single activity in your daily life. Respiratory revitalization is our signature product, enabling the post-covid lungs’ heal. 2. IMMUNE BOOSTING and DETOXIFICATION Detoxify your body and boost your immunity – elimination of toxins, increasing energy level and rebalancing the metabolism (physiology) of your body! The success of our philosophy lies in its research driven approach based on diagnostics and the way in which treatments are individually carefully designed and adapted. Combination of bespoken treatments and dietary advice work in synergy stimulating the body to rebalance inside and out. 3. HEALTHY AGING - SILVER PACKAGE Our concept is all about vitality and energy level (behavior change make the healthy choice the easy choice). Add more life to your years, not years to your life! Find out more at: Irina Tomić Director of Sales and Marketing Blue Kotor Bay  Premium Spa Resort E: M: +385 99 3432 902; +382 67 009 688
We are a group of two medical spas located in the Czech republic (Darkov spa) and Slovakia (Brusno spa), and we offer a wide range of medical programs that include, but not restricted to: robotic physiotherapy and rehabilitation, intensive rehabilitation program, cardiology, child robotic treatment, diabetes, weight loss, post covid and gastroenterology. Why darkov group: We offer special Arabic atmosphere that suits every Arabic patient, as we have an Arabic doctor, Arabic staff, a prayer room and our food is halal. Our treatments are combination of the latest technology achievements that is represented in our robotic devices and the traditional old school methods of treatments that use the Iodine Bromine water which is supported by essential minerals that have an outstanding effect of healing progress. [caption id="attachment_19187" align="alignnone" width="1500"] DCIM100MEDIADJI_0358.JPG[/caption] TOP 3 FEATURES
  1. Natural healing source – unique iodine-bromine water
  2. Professional staff and modern medical equipment
  3. Robotic rehabilitation
The historical main building dates back to the 19 th century. In 2004 the building was extended by 3 newly built add-on wings which also accommodate the extensive Aquapura Spa and Medical facilities, the main restaurant, the parking garage and a garden and summer terrace. After 15 years of successful operation, in 2021 a thorough refurbishment of guest rooms, public areas and Spa was completed. 164 rooms and suites and the largest pool area in town with 4 Concept Pools: Outdoor Pool with underwater jets, Indoor Whirlpool, Active Pool, Saltwater Pool. All pools heated and in service all year. Lounge chairs and chaiselongues around the indoor pools.
Resort Sairme with its location provides a unique climate, types of mineral drinking waters and thermal water, which is used in our spa center. The spa and wellness center is equipped with German technology which allows us to achieve a double effect, one from the procedure operations, and the second effect from the thermal water used. Among our procedures are different types of Hydro-procedures, Massages and other therapy procedures such as mud application and halotherapy. All collective members at the Spa and Wellness Center are professionals and the Sairme spa is the only one from Georgia to be member of European SPA Association.


  1. Halotherapy (Salt Room) is a healing procedure, which takes part in a Halocamera, where there is a stabile temperature, atmosphere pressure and a free of bacterial environment. This Therapy helps with the upper breathing passages and skin problems.
  2. Underwater massage is a deep massaging procedure which takes part in a bath full of water, that enhances microcirculation.
  3. Mud application is performed with organic and mineral mud, which gives a triple effect- mechanical, thermal and chemical. This procedure helps with osteoarthritic and skin problems.

ROYAL SPA is a private chain of hotels and resorts in the Czech Republic - Marienbad, Luhačovice, Velké Losiny, and Ostrožská Nová Ves and has been operating in the Czech Republic for more than 26 years. The total capacity is almost 1000 beds. Most of our hotels have four stars and offer their guests complex services under one roof, ranging from comfortable accommodation, first-class spa treatment by highly qualified medical staff, and, of course, a multitude of treatment procedures primarily based on natural healing resources and products. To achieve the best results of spa treatment, which is based on our extensive working experience, our specialists have developed an innovative holistic approach HEALTH BALANCE POINT®. For every client, health involves an approach that respects every client´s individual needs. We will strive to do our best to make your client´s stay a pleasant and memorable one. We are looking forward to welcoming them! BEST PRODUCTS
  1. Treatment of the respiratory system: special intensive program, the prevention and therapy of the respiratory diseases, the high-power mls laser treatment for post-covid syndrome - faster reduction of post-inflammatory changes in the lung tissue, achieving the best and fastest recovery and return to the original condition and quality of life.
  2. Musculoskeletal therapy and the treatment of the neurological diseases: cooperation with the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of The Czech Technical University (CTU)- implementation of modern rehabilitation technologies and procedures for intensive and effective treatment in our spas - mls laser treatment, balance platforms for, virtual rehabilitation
  3. Treatment of skin diseases - procedures and cosmetics with sulfur springs, mineral water directly in the hotel, sulfur thermal pool, light therapy and professional rehabilitation
  4. Termály Losiny - unique complex with natural thermal water, the only one of its kind in the czech republic, 9 indoor and outdoor pools, water attractions and welness
Sava Hotels & Resorts is Slovenia’s largest tourism group, which offers a range of adventures along beneficial waters. Its offer comprises three thermal spas and health resorts in northeast Slovenia, three resorts on the Slovenian coast, and diverse accommodation facilities along Lake Bled. The Group comprises 18 hotels, 5 apartment villages, 4 campsites, 2 glamping sites, 5 water and thermal parks, 10 wellness centres, 3 health centres, 1 golf course, and 60 conference halls. Every year, more than 600,000 satisfied guests stay with us, and over 1,000 employees see to their well-being. TOP 3
  1. Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice, where hot thermal water springs from the black depths of the earth and where a modern thermal resort with an adrenaline water park has been built.
  2. Health resort Radenci, with its almost 140 years of health resort tradition and 4 natural healing elements.
  3. Our thermal resort Ptuj is located in the oldest Slovenian town, Ptuj, which was ruled by the Romans over 2,000 years ago. We still observe the Roman heritage in Terme Ptuj, and thermal springs and wellness services allow the guests to seize the day and get ready for the new challenges of everyday life.
The state budget organization SLOVAKIA TRAVEL was established on April 1, 2021, as a national destination organization to support the development of tourism in the Slovak Republic. Its main goal is the promotion and presentation of the Slovak Republic, both abroad and within Slovakia as a target tourist destination. The mission and core activities of SLOVAKIA TRAVEL focus on the marketing and promotion aimed at enhancing of presentation of Slovak tourist destinations and tourism services and support for the sale of tourism products through active marketing. Spas are one of the key areas of interest for SLOVAKIA TRAVEL as Slovakia has great natural healing resources. There are 1,782 mineral springs in Slovakia, 82 of which are recognised as natural healing waters which gave rise to the development of 26 Slovak spas.  As for specialisation of spas, there can be found spas with mineral waters and climatic spas located in the mountains, as well. Slovakia boasts of all the types of healing waters used in balneology except for radon waters. Slovak spas with sulphur springs are well-known and widely visited. Natural sulphur mud in Piešťany spa is a world-unique phenomenon that brought fame to this spa town. The uniqueness of Slovak spas was awarded by prestigious prize Medical Tourism Destination Award at ITB Berlin in 2022 for the complex post – covid programme that became inspiration for other countries. 3 best products:
  1. Spa and wellness – Visitors to health resorts can choose between 26 spas in Slovakia. They cover all medical indications and can be found all over Slovakia.
  2. Culture and sights – Slovakia is home to plentiful cultural monuments of various kinds such as castles, manor houses, historical towns, open-air museums, centuries-old wooden churches, and UNESCO monuments. History lovers can discover gems of our rich history in every single town or even in the countryside.
  3. Nature and active tourism – As for nature, Slovakia is very diverse. Natural beauties will surprise you all over the country. You can enjoy the greenery of the plains in the south or the mountains in the north of Slovakia. We have a considerable number of caves – Slovakia is home to more than 7,700 of them, including ice caves and very rare aragonite cave.
Thermana Laško Spa Resort is a modern tourism centre with programs and services for health and well-being. Located almost in the centre of Slovenia, near Celje. Accomodation in two hotels: Thermana Zdravilišče Laško and Thermana Park Laško****superior. TOP 3 AYURVEDA: In hotel Thermana Park Laško is a Thermana & Veda Ayurveda Centre. Ayurveda treatments are carried out by experienced Ayurveda specialist, Indian therapists, Indian yoga master and a Chef. MEDICAL: In hotel Thermana Zdravilišče Laško is Medical Centre, one of the top medical centres in the region with highly skilled team. CONGRESS CENTRE: 10 halls for up to 1.100 participants, with natural light as well as the possibility of dimming. Superb high-tech equipment and modern ambience.
Spa Diamant Dudince the youngest spa in Slovakia is situated in the region of Hont. The unique composition of the mineral water and its treasurable balneological properties (a similar composition can be found only in the spas at Vichy, France and in Japan) make it suitable for the treatment of the cardiovascular, locomotive and neurological systems. The mineral water is so special for being the only one in Europe to contain carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. Mineral water from Dudince contains “Glauber’s salt” (magnesium sulfate), which is used in detoxification medicine as a supplemental means of cleaning the digestive tract and lymphatic system. The content of sulphur in the water is beneficial for the skin, it helps in the reduction of wrinkles, cellulite, in the treatment of some skin diseases (psoriasis vulgaris, neurodermatitis, scleroderma, rosacea, acne). A varied range of therapeutic procedures – more than 70 types. Procedures are provided directly in Spa resort Diamant   3 best products 1. The unique mineral water with a similar composition can be found only in the spas at Vichy, France and in Japan) 2. The mineral water is the only one in the world that treats diseases of the locomotor system and at the same time cardiovascular diseases 3. The sunniest days in Spa Diamant Dudince

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