Because health is the most important thing …

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Take care of yourself. Let the water and other natural healing resources of natural spas help you.

For centuries, care for health has been the mission of natural spas. The proven efficiency of the renowned natural healing resources is combined with the work of well-tuned and devoted qualified teams of doctors, physiotherapists and other health professionals.

Health requires an integrated approach:
• Top medical centres with the latest diagnostic and other equipment operate in certified spas, in which renowned specialists provide top diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation.
• Health integrity: prevention, diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and care.
• Indications: cardiovascular diseases, rheumatic diseases, locomotor system injuries, the digestive system, metabolism, kidney and urinary tract diseases, gynaecological diseases, neurological and skin diseases, neurotic disorders, respiratory system diseases.
• Pertaining to indications, top specialist outpatient clinics and counselling services have developed, while certain spas have centres for specific diseases and conditions, for example a centre for cardiovascular diseases, a holistic menopause and andropause centre, multiple sclerosis centre, urinary incontinence centre, post-breast reconstruction rehabilitation centre, and many more.
• The specialists combining their professional knowledge with balneotherapy and other complementary sciences for more efficient treatment and rehabilitation.


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