Blue Kotor Bay Premium Spa Resort


    Blue Kotor Bay Premium Spa Resort

    Blue Kotor Bay Premium Spa Resort in Kotor, Montenegro embodies the decades of long recognition and heritage as former institute for respiratory revitalization in a newly opened Wellbeing center Vrmac within the 5 star resort, already recognized amongst the best hotels worldwide. Embraced by the magical Boka Bay, Prcanj has the healing power of the sea and the wind. Moreover, it is is defined as the Oasis of Health.

    Health & Wellbeing Retreat De’MAR – Vrmac is specialized in the field of body detoxification, regeneration, and rejuvenation, and serves perfectly for respiratory rehabilitation used for post-covid rehabilitation, together with longevity & immunity boosting. The Retreat offers a selection of daily treatments for bone and tissue ache rehabilitation as well as beauty and antiaging treatments. The programs are carefully designed to get the body back to the overall enhancement of the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

    Vrmac Wellbeing center, unique offer in whole Adriatic region, is focused on helping people age happily in order to live a healthy life by enhancing their wellbeing and stamina through our treatments, with the goal of feeling good and rejuvenated physically, mentally and spiritually. Our Mission is to help you live without bones and tissue pain, to boost your immunity, to detoxify your body, and to regenerate and rejuvenate your respiratory functions.

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    By improving your respiratory capacity, you improve every single activity in your daily life. Respiratory revitalization is our signature product, enabling the post-covid lungs’ heal.


    Detoxify your body and boost your immunity – elimination of toxins, increasing energy level and rebalancing the metabolism (physiology) of your body!

    The success of our philosophy lies in its research driven approach based on diagnostics and the way in which treatments are individually carefully designed and adapted.

    Combination of bespoken treatments and dietary advice work in synergy stimulating the body to rebalance inside and out.


    Our concept is all about vitality and energy level (behavior change make the healthy choice the easy choice).

    Add more life to your years, not years to your life!

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    Director of Sales and Marketing
    Blue Kotor Bay  Premium Spa Resort
    M: +385 99 3432 902; +382 67 009 688

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