TOP 5 Health Retreats


We bring you 5 best Health Retreats each specialized for a different program designed to help you cultivate a healthy lifestyle that will last.

1. Mineral Water Drinking Cure
This programme is focused on the treatment and alleviation of digestive diseases. The treatment duration has been set on the basis of empirical knowledge. The main treatment therapy is the drinking cure, which features the regular drinking of a certain amount of mineral water. The drinking cure is prescribed for the patient by the spa doctor. The prescribed amount and kind of mineral water depends on the type of illness, body weight and the patient’s state of health. Drinking mineral water has very good influence on digestion and the entire body.

drinking water

2. Extensive Magnesium Treatment
Almost every person who visits the Rogaška Slatina decides to try out the magnesium treatment due to its numerous medical effects that have been proven to be beneficial. The treatment is recommended for the treatment of gastrointestinal, liver, biliary, pancreatic, nerve system, heart and vascular diseases. It also reduces the blood sugar level, cholesterol level and blood pressure, and has a beneficial effect on the body when under stress and mental and physical strain. The benefits of the Donat Mg healing mineral water treatment drink are further improved by therapies recommended by the doctor.


3. The Hévíz Cure
The point of Hévíz cure is that the healing bathing is “dosed” according to the collected scientific experience and the many decades and even centuries old medical practice. The effect of Hévíz treatment is complex, where the temperature and the chemical composition of the water, the mud, the air, the climate, as well as the additionally used electrotherapy and other physiotherapy methods have clearly defined roles. The medicinal water of Hévíz can mainly be used for musculoskeletal diseases, including cases where follow-up treatments are needed after rheumatic, orthopaedic, musculoskeletal operations and injuries, but it is also perfectly suitable for chronic gynecological and dermatological diseases as a complementary treatment. ž

heviz theraphy

4. Cardiovascular Treatments
Cardiovascular diseases are the leading chronic diseases as they represent 40% of them. They are one of the most common causes of low functional capacity, early aging and death. At Terme Krka they have been successfully treating cardiovascular and postoperative complications and conditions for numerous years. Relaxing massage, brushing, Vacusac – hypobaric therapy, Burger exercises and pain relief electrotherapy are carried out. Therapies are supplemented by diet nutrition and health education. The effect of the rehabilitation programme is monitored by an interim and final examination.


5. Thalassotherapy
Already in the 13th century, local medicinal elements of the Piran Salt Pans (salt pan mud, brine and salt) were used in alternative medicine by monks of the Benedictine monastery in Portorož. The beneficial effect of the sea salt therapies (Thalasso) has been medically proven and clinically tested, and the final results for health improvement are outstanding.
One of the treatments is the therapy in the salt room, where during inhalation tiny particles of the dry aerosol of salt reach deep into the lower part of the lungs – the origin of breathing problems.



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