Meet 9th SPA-CE location: Ptuj Thermal Spa

Ptuj thermal spa

We are more than excited to announce 9th SPA-CE location. Between ancient Rome and nowadays, between two wine-growing regions, between culture and history. Meet Ptuj Thermal Spa, that is a part of Sava Hotels & Resorts Group and is known mostly for it’s reviving roman traditions. Get ready to enjoy a roman spirit: sensual food, hedonism, beauty, plenty of wine and grapes … and business.

Roman spirit on every corner

Ptuj Thermal Spa still lives in harmony with the spirit of ancient Rome. Games, enjoyment and ancient-roman weddings are still organized every year. Grand Hotel Primus offers accommodation in the style of ancient Rome and it really is an accommodation worthy of emperors. Touch of Ptuj’s rich Roman history follows you on every step, from Roman style wellness centre to roman culinary recipes.

Grand Hotel Primus

Healing power of Ptuj thermal springs

The 35 year old Ptuj Spa is one of the youngest spas in Slovenia. The thermo-mineral water of Ptuj is known to have a positive effect on some neurological diseases, it improves rheumatic conditions as well as bone and cartilage disorders. Their greatest feature is the thermal park, indoor and outdoor pool complex offers more than 4200 m2 of water surface with the largest water-slide system in Slovenia. The opulent wellness centre has a range of themed baths and various types of massage.

Fun facts: did you know that …

  • Ptuj is the oldest city in Slovenia
  • Ptuj has the oldest winery in Slovenia
  • Most of the Ptuj centre is protected as a monument
  • Ptuj is known as Slovenia’s carnival town
  • 35-year-old Ptuj Thermal Spa is one of the youngest spas in Slovenia
  • Roman games and ancient-roman weddings are still organized for the guests at Ptuj Spa every year
  • Ptuj Thermal Spa has the largest water-slide system in Slovenia
  • The Grand Hotel Primus was named after the famous Roman general Marcus Antonius Primus


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