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Sava Hotels & Resorts Group launched their own »Hygiene Standard Plus«

SPA-CE 2021 as well as the European Spas Association Annual Congress will be held in Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice and Radenci Health Resort, both part of the Sava Hotels & Resorts. It is important to know their policy to follow all the recommendations on hygiene, safety, and protecting the health of their guests and employees. Faced with this unprecedented world health situation, they have introduced Hygiene Standard Plus, a set of new and improved hygiene standards that take into account and further expand the recommendations issued by relevant institutions. The Plus stands for greater safety and a carefree holiday at any Sava Hotels & Resorts destination.

Hygiene Standard Plus applies at different points, from maximum room disinfection using the most up-to-date technology, a protective package for each guest, to contactless, sensor-operated hand disinfectant dispensers.

At Sava Hotels & Resorts they organise rapid antigen testing or PCR testing for their guests. Testing is available every day at each destination. To arrange the time of testing, guests need to contact the reception  at least 24 hours before the desired testing time. The testing fee is paid by the guest (antigen testing EUR 20 per person, PCR testing EUR 85-90 per person).

The health status of their staff is checked every day. Regular training sessions are organised for them in keeping with internal training programmes on protection, hygiene, and safety. If a guest or staff member is found to have symptoms of a respiratory infection, they have protocols in place for testing and isolating patients.

At the wellness centers and swimming pools, every changing room locker is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised after use and sealed with a special sticker as a sign that nobody else has opened it until the next guest uses it.

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