Dr. Franz Linser about Medical Wellness as the future of Spa and Wellness

Photo credit: Global Wellness Institute

Dr. Franz Linser, Founder and Managing Partner of Linser Hospitality GmbH, will attend this year’s SPA-CE. On Tuesday, 23th October, Dr. Linser will share a presentation of best practice case, titled  “MedicalWellness – the success Story for the future of Spa and Wellness development”.

With the ongoing socio-cultural and psychological changes in our modern society, health and wellbeing must, therefore, be redefined. Health today is more than the absence of diseases. It is more than the physiological normality in terms of weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol. It is about the acceptance of the rules of nature. It is about the deeper understanding of the interference of body and spirit. It is about strategies to balance emotions, work and leisure, social interactions and personal desires. Health today is about life as such.

Therefore in the Spas of the future, it won’t be enough to provide customers with medically correct know-how. It will be crucial to delivering strategies for the actual “do-how”. The do-how is the motivational bridge between know-how and change. Only he who has developed a concept for his life will be motivated to live a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

With more than twenty years of experience in the luxury wellness and spa industry, Franz today is a sought-after expert developing innovative state-of-the-art health and wellness projects. Prior to his consulting business, Franz was studying sports sciences as well as English and American literature in Innsbruck, Austria, and Los Angeles, USA. In 1989 he became a trainer of the renowned Austrian National Ski Team – overseeing all training programs for these world-class athletes. Back at university, Franz developed a new training system for high-profile athletes and rehabilitation patients and wrote his doctoral dissertation in sports sciences with distinction.

In 1993 Franz set up his first own business, a consulting company developing health concepts for the upper-level hotel industry. Franz also brought his vast experience in health and tourism into politics: from 1996-99 he engaged himself as Member of the European Parliament and thereafter in the regional Tyrolean legislative. Furthermore, Franz established Austria’s largest Wellness Cluster with 100+ companies today.

Today Franz is the owner and Managing Director of Linser Hospitality GmbH, an international consulting firm based in Innsbruck, Austria. The portfolio of services includes the overall strategy development of wellness hotels, resorts and destinations. Franz is a very passionate strategist, mastermind and engineer in pioneering innovative hotel concepts. In 2014 he was appointed to the Board of Global Wellness Summit.


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