5 natural curative factors


Lifeclass Hotels & Spa with more than 110 year of tradition are unique for their usage of 5 natural curative factors: salt-pans mud – fango, brine – Aqua Madre, coastal climate, sea and thermo-mineral water. They all have local origin and are known for their high concentration of therapeutic elements, diversity and a wide spectrum of their usage for healing locomotion skin, neurologic and respiratory organ diseases and with gynecological problems. They help us also with tiredness, stress and sleeping problems.

In Secovlje salt pans not far away from Portoroz, Piran salt is produced according to an almost 700-year-old tradition and only with traditional tools. Salt pan mud from Salina Natural Park is enriched with brine and has a pasty, naturally soft consistency and a blackish colour. The freshly extracted sea pan mud is kneaded at selected locations within the salt pans and left to mature. The salt pan mud gradually matures in the maturing pans which are in constant contact with the brine, infusing the mud with salt and minerals – it contains numerous chemical elements, of which prevail silicon, calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, sulphur, bromine and iodine.

Salt pan mud can be used for relaxation and beauty purposes – salt pan mud wraps will make your skin toned and clear while contributing to a healthy skin appearance and reshaping of your body. Salt pan mud is used as a body wrap because it accelerates the elimination of toxins which helps to transform your body shape and makes your skin appear beautiful and healthy. It is especially recommended for fighting cellulite. It can also be used as a face mask. Salt pan mudtones and cleans the skin, therefore it is recommended for oily and impure skin.

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