We are a group of two medical spas located in the Czech republic (Darkov spa) and Slovakia (Brusno spa), and we offer a wide range of medical programs that include, but not restricted to: robotic physiotherapy and rehabilitation, intensive rehabilitation program, cardiology, child robotic treatment, diabetes, weight loss, post covid and gastroenterology. Why darkov group: We offer special Arabic atmosphere that suits every Arabic patient, as we have an Arabic doctor, Arabic staff, a prayer room and our food is halal. Our treatments are combination of the latest technology achievements that is represented in our robotic devices and the traditional old school methods of treatments that use the Iodine Bromine water which is supported by essential minerals that have an outstanding effect of healing progress.

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  1. Natural healing source – unique iodine-bromine water
  2. Professional staff and modern medical equipment
  3. Robotic rehabilitation
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The list of exhibitors is not complete yet! Thermal spa resorts are welcome to register by 30 August 2022. The number of places is limited.