Bardejovské Kúpele

Bardejovske Kupele Our is one of the biggest Spas in Slovakia, located in the north – eastern part of Slovakia. Spa is a municipal part of historic medieval town Bardejov, which is on UNESCO World Heritage List.

Thanks to our special healing mineral springs, clean air, geographic location, we have got a long history in providing spa treatments, accommodation and leisure activities for all kinds of clients.

Our written records go back to the 13th century, many visitors of European royalty visited our spa, including Russian Tsar Alexander and Empress Elisabeth of Austria also known as Sisi.
The capacity of our hotels is more than 1 200 beds, we have over 24 000 clients per year.

We have got clients on longer curative stays with medical treatment, shorter relaxing and weekend stays, we organize different events such congresses, meetings, teambuilding activities, cultural events, etc.

Our spa is located in beautiful park, which is ideal for tourists, bikers, there is opportunity to play tennis, squash or bowling. We have got indoor and outdoor swimming pools and wide range of spa treatments including massages, mineral bath and other wellness treatments.

The top products of our Spa include curative spa stays. Our Spa is unique in having 8 healing mineral springs; each stay comprises spa treatments and a drinking cure (the amounts of healing mineral water and the types of springs are determined individually by a doctor based on the needs of a client).

  1. Stay “Good Health” (min. 6 nights) – includes doctor´s consultation, variety of spa treatments (including massages, inhalations, mineral bath, electro and heat therapy, physiotherapy), full board and free entrance to Wellness SPA swimming pools.
  2. Stay “Good Health after post-COVID” – designed specifically for clients with long-term post-COVID disorders. In addition to regular doctor´s consultations and spa treatments, unique methods, such as MLS laser therapy, oxygen therapy and memory training, are used to improve the health of a client.
  3. Stay “Relaxation” (a.k.a. “Weekend”) – suitable for all clients, who would like to relax and boost their energy. The most popular spa treatments, such as massages and mineral baths, are included, as well as unlimited wellness/swimming pools and saunas, welcome drink and full board (buffet style).
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