The state budget organization SLOVAKIA TRAVEL was established on April 1, 2021, as a national destination organization to support the development of tourism in the Slovak Republic. Its main goal is the promotion and presentation of the Slovak Republic, both abroad and within Slovakia as a target tourist destination. The mission and core activities of SLOVAKIA TRAVEL focus on the marketing and promotion aimed at enhancing of presentation of Slovak tourist destinations and tourism services and support for the sale of tourism products through active marketing.

Spas are one of the key areas of interest for SLOVAKIA TRAVEL as Slovakia has great natural healing resources.

There are 1,782 mineral springs in Slovakia, 82 of which are recognised as natural healing waters which gave rise to the development of 26 Slovak spas.  As for specialisation of spas, there can be found spas with mineral waters and climatic spas located in the mountains, as well. Slovakia boasts of all the types of healing waters used in balneology except for radon waters. Slovak spas with sulphur springs are well-known and widely visited. Natural sulphur mud in Piešťany spa is a world-unique phenomenon that brought fame to this spa town. The uniqueness of Slovak spas was awarded by prestigious prize Medical Tourism Destination Award at ITB Berlin in 2022 for the complex post – covid programme that became inspiration for other countries.

3 best products:

  1. Spa and wellness – Visitors to health resorts can choose between 26 spas in Slovakia. They cover all medical indications and can be found all over Slovakia.
  2. Culture and sights – Slovakia is home to plentiful cultural monuments of various kinds such as castles, manor houses, historical towns, open-air museums, centuries-old wooden churches, and UNESCO monuments. History lovers can discover gems of our rich history in every single town or even in the countryside.
  3. Nature and active tourism – As for nature, Slovakia is very diverse. Natural beauties will surprise you all over the country. You can enjoy the greenery of the plains in the south or the mountains in the north of Slovakia. We have a considerable number of caves – Slovakia is home to more than 7,700 of them, including ice caves and very rare aragonite cave.

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The list of exhibitors is not complete yet! Thermal spa resorts are welcome to register by 30 August 2022. The number of places is limited.