Resort Sairme

Resort Sairme with its location provides a unique climate, types of mineral drinking waters and thermal water, which is used in our spa center. The spa and wellness center is equipped with German technology which allows us to achieve a double effect, one from the procedure operations, and the second effect from the thermal water used. Among our procedures are different types of Hydro-procedures, Massages and other therapy procedures such as mud application and halotherapy. All collective members at the Spa and Wellness Center are professionals and the Sairme spa is the only one from Georgia to be member of European SPA Association.


  1. Halotherapy (Salt Room) is a healing procedure, which takes part in a Halocamera, where there is a stabile temperature, atmosphere pressure and a free of bacterial environment. This Therapy helps with the upper breathing passages and skin problems.
  2. Underwater massage is a deep massaging procedure which takes part in a bath full of water, that enhances microcirculation.
  3. Mud application is performed with organic and mineral mud, which gives a triple effect- mechanical, thermal and chemical. This procedure helps with osteoarthritic and skin problems.

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